Lily Lin

Vice President of Products, AAG (MBA, PMP, CSM, SAFe, PROSCI), AAG Ventures

About this speaker

With a passion for value delivery and a track record of driving successful software solutions valued up to $127M USD, Lily brings a wealth of experience in shaping and delivering cutting-edge software products to market. She has 2 decades of global experiences in management consulting and digital delivery of multi-year transformation programs across a variety of industries.

Join Lily as she shares her insights and experiences, offering valuable perspectives on how to practically embrace and get started with Web3 technologies through experimentation and curiosity.

Connect with Lily on LinkedIn to stay updated on her latest thoughts and contributions to the world of Web3, agility, and change management.


Unlocking the Future: Your Practical Guide to Getting Started in Web3

30 August 2023, 12:45 PM
Lily Lin


The Digital 1st Agency

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