Denise Haak

President, Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines

About this speaker

Denise is agile. She thinks fast, talks fast, and learns fast, though she’s deathly afraid of sitting in speeding cars and roller coasters. She’s quick-witted, sharp as a tack, and is the prototypical go-getter. Her knack for agility helped her build and sell her startup Quiddity in five years.

Denise is ardent. She puts her whole self into anything and everything she does, diving with both feet in and both eyes open, which is also probably why she’s a klutz. She exudes passion when she speaks, delivering compelling talks and workshops that are well-researched and aptly substantiated.

Denise is avid. Apart from her daily stint as a digital transformation and customer experience consultant, she serves as president of IMMAP, contributes to her beach resort investment in Zambales, stages a monthly performance for a collection of artists, musicians and poets, and hosts a weekly podcast.

Denise is aspiring. A nerd trapped in an eccentric’s body, she continuously strives to make the world a better place, through human-kind experiences. Which is why she cares deeply about her practices of User Experience, Customer Experience, Accessibility, Business Transformation, Organizational Development, Digital Innovation and Culture Change.

At the end of the day, Denise is a lover of humans, humor, and honesty. Her most importantole is being a mom to her two sons and her fur baby (her name is Luka, IYKYK).


How AI Generates Inclusivity

31 August 2023, 11:00 AM
Denise Haak


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