Dani Medina

Audience Specialist Lead for PH and BeauTech Lead for SEA, Unilever Philippines

About this speaker

Dani Medina is the Audience Specialist Lead for PH and BeauTech Lead for SEA with a passion for understanding consumer behavior to craft relevant and personalized experiences for them. As the BeauTech Lead for SEA, Dani's expertise lies in creating meaningful BeauTech solutions that cater to consumers' beauty goals and needs. With a focus on human-centric technology, she drives desire by elevating science with a personal touch. 

Prior to her role at Unilever, Dani proved herself as an advocate for data-driven decisions. Her skills as a Sales Analyst at Home Credit PH allowed stakeholders to decipher sales data and set ambitious targets. Subsequently, as a Data Engineer at Manulife Business Processing Services, she spearheaded digital data initiatives, successfully cross-selling policies to website visitors. Dani's portfolio reflects her relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional customer experiences through data, innovation, and empathy. 


Embracing YOU with BeautyHub PRO: AI Technology Meets Beauty

31 August 2023, 02:10 PM
Dani Medina Wence Wenceslao


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