Adrian Masacupan

Insights & PR Strategy Manager, SVEN

About this speaker

I used to believe that content is more important than form. Like how the substance is more meaningful than style. Being a storywriter myself, I would compose any narrative with the purpose being the main focus, and the "how" or the approach of how things are executed taking the backseat.

But in my years of experience in digital marketing, working for various multinational brands developing their strategies and campaigns, I've recognized the value of the form. Success lies in the form, turning abstract ideas to something concrete that resonates well with the audience. This is how I approach strategy planning for the brands I've worked with. As SVEN's Insights and PR Strategy Manager, I've crafted stories and helped transform insights-driven data to award-winning campaigns rooted in truths creating positive impact on people.


The Generative Filipino in the Generative World

30 August 2023, 09:20 AM
Adrian Masacupan Pam De Guzman


The Digital 1st Agency

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